Friday, May 22, 2015

BLEG: Computer Problem

Does anyone know how I might resolve this?

When I attempt to go to certain pages, I get this notice:

This webpage is not available


It happens for example when I go to the front page of the Federal Reserve web site, no jokes please:) and certain parts of PayPal.

I can do a work around with the Fed site, by using the exact web address of the page I want to go to, but I can't get to the front page. With PayPal, if I use a computer from a different location, I can gain access to all areas but not from my main desktop computer. Also. similar problems with some of Amazon.

I have cleared my cache and also rebooted my computer, but this hasn't solved the problem.


  1. The fed's homepage looks like its genuinely down. See:

  2. Don't know if this helps but when I type into the address bar I get the error you describe as I do when I use your link, but when I type I get to what I assume is the home page (default.html).

  3. No, I can get at it from other locations.

  4. I get the same error when I use, but get what I assume is the home page (default.html) when I use

  5. You should poweroff/on your router. There's a good chance the NAT mapping has gotten screwed up.

  6. With access to PayPal denied to you, it is time to open a Bitcoin payment account, Bob (just joking).

    Neat development today, future debit card access to accounts:

  7. You either have some software on the specific computer that's blocking it or your using a proxy server and the connection is being rejected is my guess. I use PeerBlock and I get the same results with it enabled, disabled I can get to it. If I use a browser that uses proxy it also gets blocked.

  8. Robert: NOTHING is wrong with your computer ( as far as the Fed website). This is called "naked domain" linking.

    Having ones browser go to a web without preceding it by www (, usually works for most websites, but not UNLESS the website coder/maintainer first instructs their hosting account to use "Naked Domains". If you had previously accessed it without the "www", then obviously, something was updated on their end, and the web guru neglected to enable this feature.

    As to some Paypal, and Amazon pages, my guess is blockage by your firewall (router or software or browser blacklist), but could also be your computers DNS (domain name server), which can be easily updated to googles free DNS, and some other free choices. Have you tested OTHER browser on the same computer ( chrome / firefox etc).

    Charles N