Friday, May 29, 2015

Here's What 9,000 Years of Breeding Has Done to Corn, Peaches, and Other Crops

By Brad Plumer

Fruits and vegetables have changed a lot since the onset of agriculture 10,000 years ago, as generation after generation of farmers artificially bred crops to select for more desirable traits like size and taste.

But that change can be hard to visualize. So James Kennedy, a chemistry teacher in Australia, created some terrific infographics to show just how drastic the evolution has been. This one, for instance, shows how corn has changed in the last 9,000 years — from a wild grass in the early Americas known as teosinte to the plump ears of corn we know today:

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Long live human altered food and GMO! Some are good, some are bad but to be against all changes is nuts-RW


  1. GMO = genetically modified organism = Mendel's peas!!! 1854!!!!
    Look, new methods are just faster. EVERYTHING is genetically modified including YOU!

    1. The problem with GMOs is more than their modifications. Roundup resistant crops absorb the Roundup and you eat that in some form or fashion. Maybe there's no problem with that but it's not natural to ingest such substances. No one really knows what the long term effects might be.

  2. Please feel free to be a guinea pig. Me, no thanks. Why in the world would I, for example, want to consume, long-term, a bacteria (Bt) with known antibacterial properties, but which we humans have not typically consumed? We are learning everyday how important intact and vigorous gut flora are. E.g., there is new evidence that a specific gut bacteria even produces Vitamin C for us.

    The Feds attempt to quash 'informed consent' via 'no labeling' of GMOs. If they are so great, why not allow states to legislate 'This product contains GMOs.'

    Medical and nutrition authorities are typically sellouts, representing the interests of grant-making Big Pharma and Big Ag. And, the FDA is useless as a watchdog.

    Yeah, trust the 'authorities,' who gave us great ideas, such as lobotomy (Nobel Prize, '49), Vioxx for arthritis pain, which resulted in tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of deaths.

    Me, I am back down to my weight as a post-college junior Naval Officer, 30 years ago, by eating clean foods. In particular, dropping glyphosate-poisoned modern wheat has caused my incipient arthritis symptoms to completely disappear.

    Allow states to force labeling of the Frankenfoods and have all levels of government quit subsidizing them.

    1. You had me all the way to the last paragraph. States should not force labeling. That's best left to the market. If the consumers want labeled products, they're best to vote with their dollars. Market regulation is the best regulation. Some people may not care what they put in their bodies, but the state is the last entity I want protecting me from myself.

    2. " If the consumers want labeled products, they're best to vote with their dollars. "

      I saw the headline that Nestle is removing artificial flavors from their food the other takes time, but when people become aware and the dollars start flowing to competitors making more natural products then even big corps will change(or die).

      The free market is long term is always more effective than state enforced regulations.

  3. More reasons to trust medical and nutrition 'authorities':

    Just look around you. Do Americans look healthier than ever? No, many look terrible: obese, depressed, in motorized carts. What has changed over these past few decades that may have caused such? Terrible toxins in our foods, 'shotgun' vaccines with mercury, etc.

    Not all change is wonderful.

  4. I prefer for my digestive track not to glow in the dark.

    Far too much research has been chronicled on glycophosate's toxic qualities. It's very difficult to avoid the residues; not only in grains, but in animals (chicken, pork and beef) who consume those grains in their diets.

    Who hopes for a leaky gut?

  5. Nuts???
    nothing wrong with striving for as natural as possible. its done pretty well these millions of years.