Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Details on the Uptown Station, Oakland Stop Work Order

It appears that the bureaucratic harassment at Upton Station in Oakland was limited to a parking spot, although the stop work order was posted on the building.

As a follow up to my post, And They Wonder Why Progress Never Seems to Get Off the Ground in Oakland, Cinch PR & Branding Group emails:
Hi Robert,

My firm works with Uptown Station and we wanted to reach out to you regarding the story posted on Friday

One of the contractors working on the building had been issued a short-term permit to use a metered parking spot at the building site. That permit expired on 5/20/15 and the stop work order was issued at the parking spot only as a result. The permit was renewed the next day. Work never ceased at the building. 

We would appreciate a clarification to your story. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tegan Kopilenko
Cinch PR & Branding Group
632 Commercial Street
Second Floor
San Francisco, CA  94111



  1. I wonder if Tegan understands why you posted it?

    That, unless her bosses "play ball" the city will harass them until they pay up.

  2. I can dig up a million more examples to replace this one. I recently saw a story about a recycling plant that left due to the fact they still had not received a permit to build an additional plant that they had applied for after 10 years. They moved their facilities to Arizona and were able to get a permit within ~4 months.