Saturday, May 2, 2015

More on the Power of Google Voice Commands

As a follow up to my post, The Superiority of the Samsung S6, Chris Rossini emails:

Hey Bob,

Just read your Samsung 6 comments. It made me think of a few things.

-- There's a way to make the voice command even more powerful. Download Google Now Launcher from the Play Store. The app is made by Google.

Here's a direct link:

Every screen on your phone will have a Google Search Bar at the top. The rest of your app icons will be underneath the search bar.

This will also add Google Now to your phone, which is really powerful. When you're on your Home screen you can swipe left, and a list of Google Now cards shows up. You cater which cards you want to appear.

Google will tell you how long it will take you to get home from where you are, the weather of your location, where you parked your car, and tons of other stuff.

Google Now gives you the information that it believes you need right where you are.

Finally, and this is my favorite part of Google Now Launcher, you don't have to hit the little microphone button in order to do the voice commands, but can just say "OK Google" from any screen.

So many times, I'm driving, but have to remember something important. Or more often, I think of something that I want to do later. So all I do is swipe to open the phone and say "OK Google" without having to actually look at the phone, which can be dangerous if I'm driving.

Google Now Launcher....check it out.

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