Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Los Angeles City Department Would Crack Down on 'Wage Theft'

Los Angeles is about to get aggressive in its crackdown against private transactions between employers and workers who agree to work for below the minimum wage.

The City Council’s Economic Development Committee has voted to create an Office of Labor Standards to ensure businesses are paying their employees the minimum wage.

The City Council is also weighing raising the minimum wage to $13.25 by 2017 or $15.25 by 2019.

-- RW


  1. Jeeez, why don't they just go into the ghetto and start shooting people? Are they really that stupid? Or evil? Or both?

  2. Is the LA City Council in bed with the capitalists? They have proclaimed a good result, $15.25 by 2019. Why are they waiting until then? Why are they denying the good people of LA the immediate benefits of the higher minimum wage?

    This is like saying that they know how to relieve poverty, but are phasing in that result. They know how to relieve hunger, but they are not going to do it too fast. For shame.

    Really, I think the minimum wage is harmful. LA should eliminate it, not raise it.

    But, this isn't about what I think, but about what the LA Council thinks. They believe that a higher minimum wage is good. Why are they going slow?

  3. You!! Yeah, YOU!! The boy with the lawnmower!! You're under arrest! Along with the granma whose lawn you're mowing for $10.00. And while we're at it, your little sister's under arrest! She's not paying your even LITTLER sister a living wage at her lemonade stand!!!

    1. It's unbelievable how government encroachment is becoming so encompassing to the "little people"(me included)

      There is a pair of immigrant sisters that come in to clean my office every couple of weeks, good kids that have have limited english skills, and are working their way through school while trying make money for themselves and their family.

      I have to pay them in a manner to make sure I'm not over $599 a piece/year which triggers all sorts of negative tax consequences for them & me. Really, the government would prefer that they take a welfare check the way the laws are structured.

      Now I suppose I have to worry that one day someone might come traipsing through my business claiming "wage theft".

      The one positive to the whole situation is that I've managed to convince them to convince their brother, NOT to join the military.

      I'll tell you though, military recruiters are almost like predators, they almost had him. You take an immigrant kid with limited english skills(and skills in general) that came from a war torn country and was actively warred on himself as a child and it doesn't take much with the feeling of limited options for him to say "screw it", and join the military looking for some financial stability and feeling of empowerment.

      Thankfully it looks like he's going to try to become a diesel mechanic instead now.