Monday, May 25, 2015

Six Important Economics Books By Murray Rothbard

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  1. My personal favorite is Rothbard's two-volume set, 'An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought'. My two blue leather-bound books are a joy to read. One of the best parts can be found in vol. 1, 'Economic Thought Before Adam Smith', where Rothbard tells the story of the Anabaptist takeover of the town of Munster, Germany, in the 16th century :

    [This compulsory communism and reign of terror was carried out in the name of community and Christian "love." All this communization was considered the first giant steps toward total egalitarian communism, where, as Rothmann put it, "all things were to be in common, there was to be no private property and nobody was to do any more work, but simply trust in God." The workless part, of course, somehow never arrived.]

    What is probably the first attempt at communism ended as all other attempts that have followed.