Friday, May 8, 2015

Strike in Berlin Leaves ATMs Empty

For the record (and a good reason to keep some cash under the bed)

Striking couriers in Berlin this week stopped filling ATMs, leading to a crunch for those trying to make withdrawals. And the open-ended labor dispute with a local security company means there’s no end in sight, reports Bloomberg.

The walkout of 150 of Prosegur SA’s 350 security couriers in the Berlin area has meant that ATMs across the capital are running on empty.

“Prosegur is working with absolute high intensity on individual emergency plans,” the company said in a statement. “We still can’t rule out that cash machines in the region Berlin - Potsdam - Frankfurt Oder remain unfilled.”


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  1. The onrushing footsteps of Kafkaesque controls should scare you into action, as the cacophony grows louder by the day. Empty ATMs are all part of the inexorable control, and training of human beings, humans are trainable, unlike cats which demand your respect, and instinctively know that training is beneath them. When my cat runs in fear of a loud noise I say "it is ok", and he runs back to me because of the trust we have built between us over 14 years. Trust is something you can never assume when dealing with the government, police, banks, or anyone who seeks to control you. Be aware that the government is working day-and-night to tighten your iron leash, and ultimately will stake your leash to the ground. Soon your very movements will be restricted to a very tight circle the government will define for you.

    Bruce Lee would say, "be the cat, not the dog, dogs want leaders, cats lead themselves". Cats move with a quiet stealth all should employ when controlling, and shaping their own destiny, out of the reach of those who wish to control them.