Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Man Who Has Probably Done More to Keep Blacks Down in Baltimore Will Launch Any Presidential Campaign From There

Former Maryland  Governor Martin O'Malley, who was once also mayor of Baltimore, said that if he runs for president, he'll launch his campaign in Baltimore. This is fitting, given the desperate situation of many blacks in that city.

What has O'Malley done for the blacks of Baltimore while he served as mayor and governor? Just evil, by various government interventions that have suffocated the potential advancement of blacks. Nothing else. In Freddie Gray's neighborhood unemployment is over 50%. He got worse when he became governor.

In 2014, O'Malley, as governor, signed into law, legislation that will raise the minimum wage over time from the the level of $7.25, at the time of signing, to $10.10 an hour.

Milton Friedman has called the minimum wage the most anti-black legislation on the books and set the record straight on how standards of living really increase.

Walter Block is correct when he writes about the minimum wage:
We should instead eliminate it entirely, and sow salt where once it stood. More than that. We should criminalize passage of this law. That is, we should throw in jail, or deal with these miscreants as we would other criminals, all those responsible for the passage of this law and for its implementation, such as the legislators who passed such a law, the police who enforced it and the judges who gave it their seal of approval.
O'Malley shouldn't be in the White House, he belongs in the Big House.



  1. Standards of living would increase if savings held their value...

    There has been a redoubling of efforts to inflate and distort the global market bubble. Interest rates are pushed down to negative territory, digital currencies are touted as supreme, cash & gold or silver, i.e., anything that can create benchmarks, are denied as valid. Meanwhile, we're told ill-managed banks have passed stress tests, when in reality, they wouldn't pass any reasonable examination.
    Janet Tavakoli

  2. The Democrat party was the party of slavery 150 years ago and still today.