Tuesday, June 9, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown Cuts Back on Showers (But this is far from enough)

California Governor Jerry Brown says he has cut back on drinking water and bathing as the state's drought intensifies, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I didn't take a shower this morning,"  Brown told reporters after a meeting with mayors in San Jose last week. "We've installed a low-flow system and we're using it quite carefully and quite sparingly."

If we are going to go absolutely stupid and rank water use in a totally non-free market manner, the Governor is not going anywhere near where he should be in cutting back on his water use. There is no indication his security team is cutting back on their showers. Further, I have seen him around town with his security detail and it looks to me as though his car and that of his security team are washed regularly. And I know for a fact that he flushes after every piss. Why doesn't he post signs in government buildings that flushing after a piss should only occur at the end of the day, say, after 3:00 PM?

If Brown wants to be a water commie, and pretend that it is sane to allocate water based on a central planning method, then he personally should set an example and be much less of a water pig.

As for me, I continue to take long showers and run the water while shaving.



  1. During the last great California drought, this doggerel was popular: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down.

  2. RW - couldn't agree with you more. Until we eliminate the government monopoly in water harvesting and distribution california will continue to suffer periodic shortages.

  3. I hear he's cut his showering in half. He's now down to once a month.

  4. RW, how do you know Jerry Brown's flushing habits for a fact? That sounds like it would be a very interesting article.

    But of course this has nothing to do with saving water, and everything to do with making people terribly uncomfortable, so that they will support the inevitable political "solution" determining winners and losers.