Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chelsea Clinton Speech: 10 Minutes for $65,000

University of Missouri at Kansas City paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton to speak for 10 minutes, and then participate in a 20-minute, moderated question-and-answer session, to headline gala luncheon marking the opening of the Univerity's women’s hall of fame.

According to WaPo, Chelsea Clinton’s image-makers exerted tight control over the visit, ranging from close editing of marketing materials and the introductory remarks of a high school student to limits on the amount of time she spent on campus.

Notes WaPo:
Just shy of her 34th birthday, Clinton commanded a higher fee than other prominent women speakers who were considered, including feminist icon Gloria Steinem ($30,000) and journalists Cokie Roberts ($40,000), Tina Brown ($50,000) and Lesley Stahl ($50,000), the records show.

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