Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey Googlers, Want a Shorter Commute? Pay $900 a Month to Live in a Tent Near Google

A freelance web developer, in Mountain View,CA recently posted an Airbnb listing for a Coleman tent in his backyard., reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Rest assured, the tent is in a "safe and friendly" neighborhood, "very close to Caltrain," and "in a beautiful garden." You can even use the shower and eat inside, says SFC.

Potter is charging $46 per night, $279 per week or $899 for a month.

So is anyone actually renting the tent?

Daily rates initially started at $20 per day, but the tent rental was so popular the tent owner more than doubled the rate. Most rentals in Mountain View, home to Google headquarters, start at well over $2,000 on craigslist.


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  1. Wait until the California Housing Authority hears about this.