Monday, June 15, 2015

Krugman Nails Florida Jebonomics

Krugie can be pretty good when he goes after Republicans:

Absence of Jebmentum 

Nate Cohn notes Jeb Bush’s failure to nail down the GOP nomination, or even to establish himself as the candidate of the Republican “moderates” (I think we always need scare quotes in this context). Jeb is nowhere close to even having the kind of position Mitt Romney had at this stage.
Cohn thinks this is surprising. But may I suggest that we consider the candidate? Why, exactly, is Jeb Bush someone the Republican establishment should coalesce around?
True, he has name recognition — but not the kind you want. Time was that conservative writers fawned over Jeb’s supposed stellarmanagement of the Florida economy, but we now know that it was nothing but a giant housing bubble. What he did do was bring a new intensity of crony capitalism to the state, and in general he has a lot of business career explaining to do.

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