Sunday, June 7, 2015

Letter of recommendation for John Nash...

 ...when he was 19 years old, from professor at Carnegie Institute to Princeton:


  1. Many in the 40's still had a way with language. Their words conveyed a depth of character and careful thought that seems lacking in the modern environment. The actions of their writing choices spoke louder than their content. Their writing had "body language." They clearly admitted the art of writing into a deeper, more visceral level of their psyche. Spartan prose with the impact of a body blow. Pure class.

    1. "Spartan prose with the impact of a body blow. Pure class."

      Exactly. Brevity today is almost a lost art.

      One of the few classes of value to me in college was an English class that had a "business writing" lesson that went on for about one week, especially because I had an extraordinarily difficult teacher.

      She was brutal on parsing down sentence structure to its key elements for the purpose of communication. We only focused on "business writing" for a week...but it was tremendously helpful to me.

      In fact, I could probably use a "refresher"...though I get focused in true "business" scenarios. I'm just a little lazy outside of here.

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