Monday, June 15, 2015

Russia Dumps Another $3.4 Billion in US Treasury Bonds

Smaulgld writes:

Russia has historically held T-Bonds, but in small amounts ($153 billion as of March 2013). Russia had publically threatened to dump its T-bonds in retailiation for sanctions imposed on it by the U.S. and it appears to have begun to do so. As of October 2014, Russia held just $108 billion worth of T-Bonds.
As of April 2015, Russia held $66.5 billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds down from $131.8 billion in January 2014.
Over the past eighteen months Russia has been increasing its gold reserves and selling its U.S. Treasury holdings.


  1. Me and Vlad! Same wavelength.
    I kinda feel like one of the ants sensing the shadow of Lenin's toppling statue. Run, ants, run!!

  2. So, the Russians are wisely exchanging something of little value for something that has inherent value. Good for them!

  3. This is not good for peace. NATO began by stopping some trade across the Euro-Russian border now Russia retaliates by reversing the purchase of T-Bills. Whats the next step oil and gas? Not sure of the exact quote but "...when trade stops crossing borders, soldiers soon will..."

    1. That may be right but with ever tightening sanctions, Russia could run the risk that the US freezes these assets. I wouldn't invest in a country that might take my assets. There is still trade going on on some levels, but the more the situation hardens the more likely the US may have to look elsewhere for deficit funding.