Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seattle Hires a Minimum Wage Cop

Dylan Orr
The Stranger reports:
On June 22—which will be nearly three months since the city's minimum wage started rising—the new city department that's supposed to make sure workers actually get paid these new higher wages will finally get a leader: Dylan Orr, a 35-year-old former policy adviser in the US Labor Department's Office of Disability Employment Policy. (He was appointed to that post by President Barack Obama in 2009.) At the Labor Department, Orr worked first as assistant to the assistant secretary of labor, then as chief of staff in the department's Office of Disability Employment Policy. He was also the first openly transgender person appointed by any US president.
"It was a big get" for Settle Mayor Ed Murray, says the Stranger.

The LGBT Bar ranks Orr among the class of 2104's Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40 

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  1. It's clear that the only people who could possibly be against the $15 minimum wage are bigots and the haters of the transgendered.