Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Radical Greek Left Sells Out to the Banksters: Stirs Angry Backlash

Euro zone banksters have welcomed new budget proposals from the radical left Greek government, while the people are outraged.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who was voted into office in January on a pledge to roll back years of austerity, must keep his leftist Syriza party as well as his creditors onside for a deal to stick, notes Reuters.

Outspoken Syriza lawmakers voiced outrage at Tsipras's offer to raise a range of taxes as well as pension and healthcare contributions. According to Reuters, one lawmaker said the deal was tantamount to a "tombstone" for Greece.

"I believe that this program as we see it ... is difficult to pass by us," deputy parliament speaker and Syriza lawmaker Alexis Mitropoulos told Greek Mega TV.

"The prime minister first has to inform our people on why we failed in the negotiation and ended up with this result," he said. "I believe (the measures) are not in line with the principles of the left. This social carnage ... they cannot accept it."


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