Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things are So Crazy in the San Francisco Area That People Can't Tell If a Start-Up is Real or a Parody

The number of start-ups being launched in the Bay Area on a daily basis has to be breaking some kind of record. It is difficult to walk down the street without being offered a flyer for some new "Uber-like" food delivery service (everything is uber-like, here) or some new transportation or pick-up laundry service.

Thank you, Janet Yellen..

Things have gotten so crazy that it is now difficult to tell if a start-up is real or a spoof.

The San Francisco Chronicle, for example, is trying to understand one start-up:
No one likes taking out the trash, and now one startup wants to make it so you don’t have to. A San Francisco company called TrashDay started making waves Monday with the tagline “Never Take Out The Trash Again.” The premise of the idea is simple: they’ll come take your trash out to the curb for you.
Once you sign up for the $32-$52/month service, the company will come assess your home’s trash situation, get copies of your keys, and then show up the afternoon before your trash pickup to roll your cans out to the curb. Once your trash has been picked up, they’ll come again to roll your cans back inside...The idea is so basic, that many people have assumed TrashDay a parody, which it might be. The site has no information about the company’s founders (a standard for most startup sites), and the only way to contact TrashDay is through a phone number that points to a Google Voice account. Calls go straight to voicemail...
Is TrashDay for real or a spoof?

I can't tell.


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  1. Wenzel, you should start a start-up that tests and rates all other start-ups in the Bay Area so people know what they're getting into and whether or not the service is valuable. If nothing else, a way to get a little closer to the spigot.