Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who is Out to Get Janet Yellen?

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's meetings with Regina Schleiger continue to draw scrutiny. This doesn't happen by accident in Washington D.C.

Bloomberg News is the latest to feature the contact:
The name used to pop up regularly in Janet Yellen’s daybook: Regina Schleiger, an economic analyst writing for a boutique newsletter, presided over a 2010 speech by the Federal Reserve’s then vice-chair. The two met twice in 2011. They met again, one-on-one, the next year.
Then came Schleiger’s October 2012 report that relayed uncanny details of what were supposed to be secret Fed deliberations, uncorking internal reviews, lawmaker ire and a federal investigation into how the information leaked to an outsider. Schleiger hasn’t had a meeting with Yellen since, according to calendars provided by the Fed.
Schleiger, a former reporter known for provocative questioning, hasn’t fallen under public scrutiny for her newsgathering. Yellen, for her part, met with Schleiger months before the Fed meeting from which details were leaked and said she didn’t divulge anything confidential.

Both the  House Financial Services Committee and the Department of Justice are investigating the Schleiger reporting.


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