Monday, July 13, 2015

A Greek Seeking Gifts: Two Officials Who Observed Tsipras Independently Described Him as a “Beaten Dog”

Alexis Tsipras

Fear the banksters.

Bloomberg reports on the economically clueless, intellectually outmatched by the banksters, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
“We found ourselves in front of difficult decisions and hard dilemmas,” he told reporters. “We took the responsibility of the decision to avert the most extreme plans of the most extreme conservative forces in the European Union.”
Two officials who observed Tsipras independently described him as a “beaten dog” whose only remaining option was to submit to the creditors’ will, while carving out a concession here and there. Tsipras fretted privately about the reception that awaited him in Athens...
 At one point, he told leaders he had “no mandate to sell half his country.”


  1. Twenty against one for eighteen (or however many hours) until nine in the morning. They probably had a big dinner with wine and scotch before it all started. A negotiating tactic learned in the "Steamrolling your Opposition" module in the "Negotiation Tactics for Bullies 101" course.

    You wonder if Tsipras is increasing his personal security contingent.

  2. @bionic, I'm also wondering if he found a horse head in his bed.

  3. I'd suggest he stay in Brussels.