Thursday, July 23, 2015

Does Bernie Sanders Really Think That Employers Can Just Raise Wages....

... without considering what they contribute in terms of revenue to the firm?

It appears Sanders really believes that you can dictate wages from on high.

But, if this is so, as Murray Rothbard used to put it, why stop at $15 per hour? Why not raise the minimum to $100 an hour?



  1. His employer can... It would be interesting to see how much more distorted and gov't-centric the economy would get if the Fed Gov't itself raised it's own minimum wage to $15/hr and required its contractors to do the same.

  2. I think Sanders is a complete economics denier which is the primary source of his vast support. Moderate democrats try to act like economics deniers but they probably appreciate a few of the laws of economics. The true deniers can spot them a mile away. Sanders is the real deal.

    With the Republican base, we find a similar type of attitude which no fact can dislodge. Obama is a weenie who is afraid to stand up to "radical Islam" (or else is actively trying to advance its cause, having been born in Kenya. You know.) Shi'ite Iran is the world's No. 1 State Sponsor of Terror. No fact will help explain that Sunni ISIS is the enemy of Iran. We're doomed.

  3. Even though it's National Review, they nail what a vicious little Nazi Bernie and his fans really are.

  4. "Why not raise the minimum to $100 an hour?"

    This is my favorite retort. They never, ever respond to it. They always ignore it and move on. It's creepy to observe. They simply have no answer for this simple question, and sense if they attempt to answer it they will hang themselves.