Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Former Greek Finance Minister: Something is Rotten in the Eurozone Kingdom

This is fascinating

Yanis Varoufakis let it rip in an op-ed that he just wrote for FT:
There is a hideous restriction of national sovereignty imposed by the “troika” of lenders on Greek ministers, who are denied access to departments of their ministries pivotal in implementing innovative policies.
When a loss of sovereignty, arising from unsustainable official debt, yields suboptimal policies in already stressed nations, one knows that there is something rotten in the euro’s kingdom.

 Varoufakis wrote this following leaked news that he hired, when he was finance minister, computer experts to hack into the data of other Greek ministries, so that he could create policy recommendations based on real data.

The Varoufakis comment in the FT column provides the explanation of why, despite being a minister, he had to hack into the data: Because the damn euro banksters had a lock on the data, so that he couldn't see it!

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