Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greece Votes No; US Stock Futures Dive

Greek voters have voted NO to a deal with the the EuroGroup. More than 60% of voters voted against a referendum which would have given approval to an earlier proposal from Eurozone banksters that would have included higher taxes in Greece and cuts in Greek government pensions.

In other words, the Greeks have chosen the pain that will come from rule by a clueless radical left government to bankster austerity pain.

No one, of course, has promoted the idea of default with a move toward less government regulation/oppressionof any kind, which would give the Greek economy a chance to breathe.

Lefties around the world, including in the US are celebrating:

Stock markets around the globe are diving. In early trading on futures markets, the German stock market is down 0.5%, the US stock market is down 1.5%. I consider the diving markets to be a major trading opportunity. More on this in the EPJ Daily Alert.



  1. sawant and sanders cheer but only for socialist austerity.

  2. Scrap the debt? You'd have to be crazy to own Greek debt.

  3. Lefties around the world, including in the US are celebrating:

    Everyone should be celebrating. Bankers think they run the world...I am not fighting the tears back. Remember Iceland?

    1. Political power trumps bankers. How do people not understand this?

  4. The World bank want you broke and dependent on them. Glad they did a NO vote. Best for them to get out of the Euro and live as a soverign Country again.

  5. I, too, applaud the Greeks for giving the middle finger to the banksters. Now if they can just do the same to the other villains in this story: the public sector unions. By and large they are the ones that made the bailouts necessary