Friday, July 10, 2015

Krugman on Obamacare and Freedom Fest

Krugie writes:
Yesterday, for my sins, I went to Freedomfest, the libertarian conclave in Las Vegas, to debate Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation. It went pretty much as you might expect: evidence, evidence, evidence versus Reagan, Reagan, Reagan. But in a way the most interesting thing was the audience reaction when I described Obamacare as a major success story so far: boos and hissing.

What’s amazing about this is that the good news about Obamacare isn’t really debatable. It’s a simple fact that there has been a stunningly rapid drop in the number of uninsured, coming from multiple independent sources.
First, if he thinks that when he was debating with this guy, he is debating a libertarian, he needs to learn a lot about libertarianism and he needs to debate this guy, this guy or this guy.

As far as the "success" of Obamacare, I have already pointed out that signing people up for healthcare is completely different than actually providing healthcare. I have argued many times that I expect the result of Obamacare to be declining life expectancy in the U.S.

I suspected that this will occur becasue patient access to some drugs will be limited. It turns out that even I was too optimistic. Not only does it appear that drugs will not be available in some cases but Obamcare is going to result in "health care providers" counselling some patients to kill themselves.

And Krugman thinks this is progress. Hey, get the man a limo.

(photos via Kibbe)


  1. Yes, its "success" actually isn't debatable - in vulgar Keynesian terms. Obamacare has driven prices through the roof, and that's all Krugman ever advocates. It doesn't matter that it originated as the Affordable Care Act. It's Obamacare now! This is just another one of his word games.

  2. Shows how little Krugman knows about libertarianism if he thinks any real libertarians like the conservative demi-fraud Reagan.

  3. Add more to the Debt Pile. Pay for it tomorrow right?

  4. "..evidence, evidence, evidence versus Reagan, Reagan, Reagan." Haha, this is so funny to me. If he were in a true Libertarian debate, he would say he came up against, "Mises, Mises, Mises."

    Oh Krug-baby, you have a lot to learn. Debate a real Libertarian and I might be impressed, you coward.