Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lefty Economists are Pretty Good on the Greek Referendum

But for the wrong reasons. 

They want the Eurogroup to bailout Greece without restrictions. Yup, just take money from other Euro citizens (or print it up) and give it to the Greeks. So they want the Greeks to vote "no" on  the referendum question of whether Greece should accept a recent EuroGroup tax/bailout program 

They do not hold the much sounder view that the referendum should be voted down, so that the Greek's can get from under the oppressive demands of the EuroGroup protectors of the banksters and launch a fully free market economy without further oppressive "bailouts." In the end, the lefties just want to make things worse for the Greeks, despite their being on the correct side of the referendum vote itself.



  1. Thomas Piketty is a 'leading economist'? That clipping above looks like the "American Voices" section on THE ONION where they get idiots' opinions on news. I think there's a connection.

  2. how 6 leading sophists would vote in the greek referendum.

    what a bunch of clowns.