Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Percent Changes in Average Hourly Earnings by State

Where newly printed Fed money is going.

Over the year, 13 states had hourly earnings increases of 3.0 percent or more. In addition to Vermont, four other states had hourly earnings increases over 4.0 percent: Washington (4.3 percent), South Dakota (4.2 percent), Kentucky (4.1 percent), and Iowa (4.1 percent). California came in at 3.9 percent and New York state at 2.1 percent.

Wyoming (−1.4 percent), Tennessee (−0.6 percent), Arkansas (−0.4 percent), Louisiana (−0.2 percent), and New Mexico (−0.1 percent) had decreases in average hourly earnings.

A breakdown of the data by state is here.


(via BLS)

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