Friday, July 31, 2015

Ron Paul Takes the Gloves Off: ‘I’m Sending a Message to Paul Krugman’

Last week Paul Krugman attempted to ridicule Ron Paul and Austrian economics with a nasty piece called, “The Old Man and the CPI.” Today on his Liberty Report, has his turn. The gloves are off!
-Daniel McAdams.


  1. Ron Paul sits a rebellious teen on his knee, and explains.

  2. Dr Paul nailed Krugman.

    First they laugh...

  3. He's such a nice man, and such a gentleman, that you just want to go out and kick some ass on his attackers. So it's a real pleasure to see him hit back at a low-life scumbucket like Krugman after a very nasty ad hominem attack .

  4. Krugman engages in insulting name calling because he has nothing to say. "Old" indeed.

  5. Ron's content is awesome of course. But for the life of me I can't figure out how Ron commands the audience he does and who they are.

    Almost everyone these days focuses on style over substance. Ron's style is so rambling, agitated, and discombobulated, he does indeed come off as a crotchety old man. It seems he would lose anyone focused on style. The small minority focused on content have alternative sources that are for more condensed and ordered.

    Ron's an undying hero for opening countless eyes, but from a marketing perspective I'll be darned if I have a clue how he does it, who his audience is, and why they stick with him.