Sunday, July 19, 2015

Roubini is Not Only a Gold Hating Keynesian, He is a Neocon Global Meddler Concerned about Russia

New York University economist Nouriel Roubini has made the claim that the consequences of Greece leaving the euro would be “catastrophic” for the global economy.

The notion is absurd. If Greece were to leave the euro, well, that would simply mean Greece would launch its own currency, perhaps a new drachma. That is all. It would have zero impact on the global economy.

But Roubini goes beyond this economic analysis to raise concerns about a new Russian influence. He says that a Grexit would enable Russia to regain influence in the Balkans at a time when its dealings with Ukraine is already a concern.

But what kind of influence could he possibly concerned about?

There is no indication that Russia wants to be anything more than a global trader. It is in no financial position to be propping up failing socialist states. Ask the Castro brothers.

That said, the well connected Roubini adds, and he is probably getting this directly from the banksters, that he is confident the current deal will go through and be effective.


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