Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Voting in Greece Begins: Will It Go Oxi or Nai?

The Greeks vote today on whether Greece should accept an earlier deal proposed by EuorGroup officials.

Polls have the two sides evenly balanced. There are no public data that break down the demographics and the inclinations of “yes” and “no,” but conversations around this city depict a populace that is split in two: Haves and have-nots, young and old, those bitten by austerity and those less exposed, those with money in the closed banks and those without, reports WSJ.



  1. Either way, one group will hold the other hostage. Depending on voter turnout, the group could even be a minority of the population, right?

  2. Consensus is that the Greek government will reign or be forced from office by a Yes vote. I wonder if they would use a Yes vote to stay in office and place the"blame" for the measures they would have to take on the voters?