Friday, July 31, 2015

There Goes the Labor Theory of Value

The iconic ‘Mission: Impossible’ theme song took just 3 minutes to write. reports NyPo.

It took Lalo Schifrin, now 83, all of three minutes to write his famed theme — set to an unusual 5/4 time signature — for the TV series “Mission: Impossible.”

“Orchestration’s not the problem for me,” he says. “It’s like writing a letter. When you write a letter, you don’t have to think what grammar or what syntaxes you’re going to use, you just write a letter. And that’s the way it came.”



  1. Born in Argentina, one of the best Hollywood composers of film music. Great example Robert for a debate of theory of value.

  2. While I don't subscribe to the labor theory of value, you this a poor counterexample. While it may have only taken 3 minutes to write this song, it took years of hard work to develope the skill needed to do so. It's like saying you only need an afternoon to win the superbowl or you only need 10 seconds to win an Olympic gold medal in sprinting.

    1. Your theory is idiotic, that would mean that he would earn the same royalties for every three minutes of songs that he has written as he has for the Mission Impossible song.