Saturday, July 25, 2015

US Population by Race and Ethnicity



  1. Have you considered hiring a mechanical turk type service and publishing a spanish-language version of EPJ?
    It wouldn't cost more per search and the pages would show up in spanish language search results. A dose of Austrian economics would do a lot of good for the Latino nations in the world, of which the US will probably eventually become one.

  2. If you do, just make sure to do this:

  3. As a poor white male and father, and thus representing at least part of the equation for the sudden drop in the percentage of whites in the population, I will say this should suprise no one.

    What incentives do PWMs (Poor White Males) have for having children? Complete financial servitude to our children and/or their mothers? Instant villification if we don't have 100% commitment to our children all day, every day? Or being moved from an ever growing class of your peers(those without children) to an ever dwindling class(those with children)?

    This is especially hard when most of us have probably come from broken families to begin with. Choosing not to have children and not to get married is probably the saniest and most rational decision most of us feel we are making. It's probably also the most compassionate considering all the emotional and finical stress we saw our parents endure.

    Despite all the assumtions to the contray, I think most of us would actually like to be good fathers at some point in our lives. The problem is most of us are complete unequipped for it...and we know it. We don't have the finical resources we'd like to have to raise our children in comfort. We don't have the mental fortitude and wisdom to be good mentors to our children. We also don't have the sense of selflessness that seems to have exsisted in generations past.

    With society drilling into our heads that having children is an unnecessary burden and those that take on that burden are bumbling clowns, why would any of us feel the need to subject ourselves to that kind of life style? Especially when there are so many more enjoyable and non-degrading paths to take in life.

    I have a child. I love her. I did not have her on purpose. I will not have another. The commitments of being a good(or even average) father to only one child are immense compared to what I have available to give. Sadly, I know I am not the only one who feels this way, as just about every other PWM I know who is a father has only one child. Be prepared for a generation of people who were the only child in their families.

    I'm not here to blame anyone or lament the plight of the PWM, as I'm sure it would at best fall on deaf ears anyway or at worst attract cries of "white privilege". We are the unprotected class, as far as society is concerned we don't get to complain. It's understandable, WM have had it pretty good for a while and everyone is understandably upset. All I'm saying is in 2015 being a WM is not much of an advantage anymore and soon will probably be a liability due to the contempt society obviously holds for us due to our historical advantages.

    Given all of the above, why would we struggle to raise children, without the proper tools, with little chance of success or happiness, in a society that is going to sneer at us no matter what we do?

  4. Is this by design so that the latinos vote for free stuff and the government wins?

    1. Seems like it. Also greater diversity means more cultural fault lines to be exploited to draw attention away from political-economic issues, lest we be given a choice regarding the surveillance state, corporate welfare, regular welfare, warfare, taxation, debt, monetary policy, or anything else of substance that might damage the interests of the oligarchs should the votes not go their way. Flooding the country with third-worlders must be of great importance to the schemes of the bad guys or else they wouldn't freak out so much when someone challenges them on this point.