Monday, July 20, 2015

Will Boeing Be Able to Track "Anonymous" Bitcoin Transactions?

Here's another problem for Bitcoin fanboys to attempt to explain away.

Sarah Jenn at BTCnews reports:
Bitcoin transactions are generally believed to be anonymous since there is no record of the counterparties involved in the exchange. The transactions are verified by a network of computers solving complex algorithms and updating the blockchain, which is the public ledger of bitcoin transactions. Working backwards from this code doesn’t allow any traces to the users.

Some say that a partnership between Boeing and Hacking Team could potentially remove this anonymous veil, as the former is also known to operate drones. The company could equip these devices with surveillance spyware that can be used to oversee potentially criminal activity without physically seizing laptops or smartphones being used.

For now, US intelligence offices are declining to comment on this possibility, although the governments of other nations have expressed interest in the Hacking Team’s surveillance project. Based on the documents leaked to the public in their hacking attack, the company has been able to create a feature that could allow authorities to track activities in bitcoin wallets.

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  1. Robert, I've heard you use the term "fanboy" to describe Bitcoin supporters. Would you consider yourself a "fanboy" of gold? What's the difference? From what I understand "fanboy" is a derogatory term. So I don't understand why you want to put people down you disagree with.....