Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donald Trump Wants Government Involvement in Healthcare

Trump is totally clueless when it comes to his understanding of free markets and how government central planning makes things worse.

He really thinks he can personally direct and fix the system. Of course, David Letterman is just as clueless and has no understanding either and so he has no clue as to how to bring out the fallacies in Trump's thinking.



  1. see my free market solution at item 8 , at part 3 in the left margin of I am a dual US_Canada citizen and know the faults of their syetm. Basically, you are not a valued patient/client to a doctor, you are 'more work'! Equipment is rationed because it isfrom a gov't budget. DRs atre gov't employees

  2. I guess I came away from that clip seeing things differently. I didn't get the impression they were discussing the merits of government involvement in health care, more like: if the government is going to be involved it has to be done competently, which he said it wasn't.