Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Donald Trump: Yellen Creating a Bubble

During an interview on Bloomberg television, Donald Trump said he thinks the low interest policy of Fed chair Janet Yellen may be creating a bubble.

He also said that he thought the position of Fed chairman was one of the most important because of its overall impact on the economy,

He said he liked Paul Volcker as Fed chairman because "he did what had to be done."

Volcker became chairman of the Fed at a time price inflation was at double digit levels. He stopped the Fed inflation by focusing on slowing money supply growth, rather than interest rates, and killed the rampant inflation of that period.

Trump also said he was against the Export-Import Bank and listed among the points that it was not free enterprise.



  1. Whether you plan to vote or not(and I don't), I would have a very hard time claiming Rand Paul is more 'libertarian' than Donald Trump without laughing.

    Granted, it's like picking from Mussolini & Hitler on a sliding scale of 'libertarianism', but since some famous and normally exceptionally bright/smarter people than me seem to be "ok" with that, I figure I toss in my "silly" comments and state the obvious.


    1. Nick. I agree. This is getting kind of crazy. Trump is out libertarianing Rand by a long shot. I saw a video yesterday of Trump porclaiming what a disaster the middle east wars have been. He wants to make deals (talk to) world leaders to settle our differences. Says rates are too low. Pays as little tax as possible. Thinks he can direct his own money and interests better than central committee. Based on what Ive heard Rand say verses what The Donald has been saying Id think that Trump was the libertarian candidate. Walter Block might even have a hard time with this one.