Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gold, Oil and Yellen

Headlines from today's EPJ Daily Alert:

This is Going to Cause Janet Yellen to Think She Better Start Raising Rates (Immediately)

The Greatest News for Gold in Years

The Greatest Energy-Related Stock Investment Ever?

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  1. 05 August 2015
    Gold Leasing Rates Suggest Tightness in the New York Physical Markets

    Why would you pay a premium for physical within a system that deals in physical at ratios of 120 to 1? It would seem to be a 'sink' for physical supply, rather than a source. And the more I look at it the more that The Bucket Shop appears to be a clubby little arrangement amongst cronies.

    Does this seem all that hard to believe? Eric Hunsader says he can now prove that the US Stock Exchanges favor of class of trader over all others. And the tighter world of NY and London commodity dealing dominated by a few big trading houses is different?

    where are the regulators? do they not see Hunsader's feed?