Monday, August 3, 2015

How Donald Trump 'Would Get Mexico to Pay for the Building of a Border Wall'

I am no fan of Donald Trump. I think he would be Mussolini-like if he became president, see here  here and here.

That said, I really think he has a plan, as he says he does, insane as it might be, to make the Mexican government pay for a border wall between the US and Mexico that he has been mentioning.

You see, you have to think like Mussolini Trump. In a Trump world the demands of the leader come first and then what is left of private property comes second. This would  go especially for international trade under a Trump regime. He does not view international trade as being between two businesses in different countries. In his view, it is some sort of nationalist war, our country against other countries, where he, as president. would set the rules of trade for the country when trading with businesses in other countries,

Here are some important facts about Mexican imports into the United States. Trump knows these facts.

According to the US Diplomatic Mission to Mexico, in 2012, agricultural exports from Mexico to the United States totaled USD 16 billion.  That accounts for  60% of Mexico’s total global agricultural exports.

Overall, the United States is Mexico’s largest trading partner, buying 77.5% of Mexican exports in 2012. Total  goods imports into the US from Mexico in 2012 accounted for USD 277.5 billion,

Got that? Total Mexican goods imported into the US were worth 277.5 billion USD! In 2012, Mexico's total GDP was 1171.19 billion USD. In other words,Exports by Mexico into the US are equal to 23.7% of its GDP. That's big for Mexico. Very big.

Trump would simply say, and this is admittedly insane, but he would say to Mexico; "This is what it is going to cost to put up a wall between the US and Mexico. It will be built under the direction of my hand-picked engineers, who are the absolutely greatest in the world. Start building.

"If you don't start building I will raise tariffs on a monthly basis until you won't be able to sell as much as one taco in the United States."

Note: Yes, I am aware that such a plan would also have to pass Congress. But, hey, we are talking about Trump here. Do you actually think for a minute that he fears he wouldn't be able to get his plan passed in Congress?



  1. If there's one guy with the potential to go nuts with EO's if elected President, it's Trump.

    EO's have always made things a somewhat soft dictatorship to some seems like decorum and some sense of respect for the rules/Constitution has kept most Presidents from going nuts with EO's...but does Trump posses either in any measurable quantity?