Wednesday, August 12, 2015

OMG Trump Goes Both Mussolini and Neanderthal in One Speech

Trump told a Detroit crowd that he is not happy with Ford moving a plant to Mexico (Neandrethal) and that he would get it moved back to the US by calling up the Ford president (Mussolini).

“I would say, the deal is not going to be approved, I won’t allow it. I want that plant in the United States, preferably here,” Trump said.

He added: “So then I only have one question, ‘Do they move the plant to the United States the same day or a day later?’”


1 comment:

  1. The Donald is the collective Middle Finger of a large segment of the conservative voting public. It is aimed at disgusting Republican leaders like Boehner and McConnell. Would I vote for him? Likely not. But YES, before I would for another lousy Bush. I am glad he is giving Reince Priebus and the rest of the Republican snorers a giant dose of indigestion.