Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SMACKDOWN Ted Cruz on Climate Change

Cruz handles himself very well in this interview but get a load of Katie Couric attempting to box Cruz in to say something negative about the Pope.

This is how she discusses climate change, by attempting to get Cruz to say something negative about the Pope? Does Couric really think the Pope has scientific understanding about climate change?

This is an evil attempt at gotcha by the Couric. She knows, full well, that Cruz has a strong Catholic constituency that could be damaged by Cruz saying anything negative about the Pope.

If she was serious about discussing climate change, she would stick to that discussion on scientific terms and not put Cruz in a difficult about the Pope.



  1. but getting gotchas is TV News main role in life now

  2. Glad to see one politician who is actually interested in the scientific method, not the politicized version of science that gets regurgitated with regard to things like "climate change" and vaccines.

  3. Wish he was as sensible on foreign policy!