Friday, August 14, 2015

Thank You Janet Yellen: Spectacular New NYC Observation Deck Being Developed (Will include flying garbage)

As Janet Yellen and her Fed dance governors flood NYC and and the Silicon Valley Corridor with mo' money, new buildings get more spectacular all the time.

In Manhattan, the Hudson Yards development company is in the process of building the tallest outdoor observation deck in the city, beating out the view from the Empire State Building by 50 feet.

The deck will have something for adrenaline junkies, too — a “thrill seeking element” — the details of which are still being worked out, reports NyPo. Perhaps it will provide a sensation similar to what it feels like when the Fed launches one of its intermittent money printing slowdowns and the financial markets crash.

Construction at the $20 billion 27-acre project began about three years ago. It will eventually include about 17 million square feet of residential and commercial space in an area west of 10th Avenue from 23rd to 42nd streets.

In the new building, garbage bins will be replaced by chutes that will send waste flying 45 mph to one central location.


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  1. People will send lunch leftovers and coffee down them which will get disgusting (and most likely stink). I hope they've come up with a solution to that.