Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trump Demotes Carl Ichan?

Life would really be interesting in a Trump Administration.

Four days ago, I reported that Carl Icahn had accepted via his Twitter account Donald Trump's offer for him to become Treasury Secretary (SEE: Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Accepts Donald Trump's Offer to be Secretary Of Treasury).

This evening while giving a speech at the Lincoln Day dinner celebration of the Saginaw and Genesee County Republican parties in Michigan, Trump said he recently called Ichan up and offered him the job of 'handling both Japan and China" and that Ichan accepted.

Who knows, maybe this is in addition to being Treasury Secretary?

- RW  

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  1. "...maybe this is in addition to being Treasury Secretary?"

    Not at all, Bob. The job of the treasury secretary - especially under a pres trump, is to pummel the currency manipulators. Both Japan and China have weakened their respective currencies beyond reason.

    So, it is the same job; Trump is just telling us the job description.