Friday, August 21, 2015

When Ludwig von Mises's Obituary Was Mentioned on the David Letterman Show

Video here.

Via The Mises Institute)


  1. Link above is broken:

  2. What are the chances. His was just an anonymous name randomly thrown out while reading names from obituaries as part of a disposable comedy routine. Tragic that an intellectual giant is treated so ignominiously. Centuries from now people will view that clip with horror and shame.

  3. Really? Horror and shame?

    Both of these guys probably knew nothing of economics. They're comedians. I imagine in the future, even if Mises becomes one of the best known classical economic thinkers in main stream education ever, most comedians will probably still not know who he is.

  4. He probably would have glossed over Smith and Keynes too. Neat find.