Sunday, August 30, 2015

Woman, 80, Trampled to Death in Venezuelan Supermarket Stampede

Crazed money printing plus price controls equals chaos and death.

The  Democratic Unity coalition said Maria Aguirre died and another 75 people were injured - including five security officials - in chaotic scenes when National Guard troops sought to control a 5,000-strong crowd with teargas.

"Due to the shortage of food ... the desperation is enormous," local opposition politician Andres Camejo said, according to the coalition's website. It published a photo of an elderly woman's body lying inert on a concrete floor.

Camejo said thieves had also attacked the crowd, members of which were seeking to buy cheap food at an outlet of the state's Mercal supermarket chain in Barinas state.



  1. In the face of overwhelming consumer demand, PRODUCTION has plummeted. And Keynesians still think their snake oil has a selling point?

  2. Yet the folks over at "In Defense of Marxism" are still advocating for a "full revolution" to Marxist socialism.

    Ideology at all costs!