Friday, September 11, 2015

Super Rabbi: Israel Krizner

Who knew?

10 American Rabbis You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should includes Austrian School economist Israel Kirzner, who studied under the great economist Ludwig von Mises, at New York University.

Yair Rosenberg, who put the list together. writes at Tablet:
Israel Kirzner
  Bnei Yehuda Congregation
 | Brooklyn, N.Y.
A synagogue rabbi and Nobel finalist 

Last year, the financial news agency Thomson-Reuters released itspredictions for the Nobel Prize in economics. The shortlist included five professors, hailing from places like Harvard, Brown, New York University, and Stanford. One of them, Israel Kirzner, also happened to be an Orthodox rabbi. 
Born in 1930 in London, Kirzner lived and studied in South Africa before attending Brooklyn College in New York. He received his PhD from NYU in 1957 and has taught there ever since, publishing 11 books, scores of articles, and becoming one of the world’s leading scholars in the Austrian school of economics. By 2005, he was already being tipped for the Nobel, though he has yet to receive it.
Kirzner’s academic career is only part of the story, however. While attending school in New York, he also received rabbinic ordination and became a close student of the ultra-Orthodox sage Rabbi Isaac Hutner, dean of Yeshivat Chaim Berlin. Kirzner is credited as the collator of the source materials cited in Hutner’s most famous work, Pahad Yitzhak. And today, Kirzner serves as the rabbi of Bnei Yehuda Congregation in Brooklyn.

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