Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazon Hiring Staff for New Restaurant Division

I love free market creativity and experimentation.

There are at least 15 job openings for a division called “Amazon Restaurants,” based in Seattle and New York, according to a Reuters search on LinkedIn and Amazon’s own jobs site, reports ReCode.

At least five Amazon employees have updated their LinkedIn profiles in the last five months to indicate they are working for Amazon Restaurants. One of them joined the division from GrubHub.

The exact purpose of the division is unclear but the job description of at least one employee in the unit suggests Amazon is interested in expanding restaurant delivery services beyond Seattle, where recent media reports say the company is already testing its own meal delivery program..

Technology-focused blog GeekWire reported last week that Amazon began quietly testing its own meal delivery service in Seattle using drivers for Prime Now, the company’s one- and two-hour delivery program.



  1. "I love free market creativity and experimentation."

    Yes, I love it too. But in Amazon's case, you neglected to also mention "Fed money printing" as integral to Amazon's creativity and experimentation. As long as Amazon's market cap keeps going up, it can continue to finance these ventures. But piling on the debt to net equity and posting no net earnings is a business model that would only elicit a head scratch from the pre-fiat American capitalists.

  2. So now we have a free market? LOL, funny how anything positive somehow is linked to your ideology. What a joke.

    1. lol. observing how the government screws up everything it touches is not proclaiming a free market. can't necessarily blame you for trying, considering, in the public school system, someone like yourself would've gotten extra credit for reading comprehension.

    2. The free market still breathes through the gaps of the totalitarian state. And must be exploited at every opportunity.

    3. Looking at Amazon's financials, I can't really see how it's anything other than a Ponzi.

      It relies on the next greater fool to buy its stock just to finance its operations, and it needs to keep expanding its scope of operations to entice new purchasers of its stock.

      The stock is oversold as its price is 20 times book value last time I checked. It's not comfortably liquid with a quick ratio under 1, and it's got four times more debt than equity. Considering it doesn't make a profit this would be concerning for most companies. Throw into this mix the allegation that Bezos pledges company stock as collateral for his personal investments, and you've got a problem that sooner or later will blow up. But don't worry, I'm sure the internal auditors and Sarbanes Oxley have everything under control.

      In short, I guess I can agree with you that inasmuch as Charles Ponzi was sort of a free market champion, Amazon is also a free market participant. Except that Charles relied on private sector capital to fund his scheme, whereas Amazon really needs to be close to that Fed money teat to finance its model.

  3. I briefly worked with that group. Great company overall.