Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Berkeley To Consider Raising Minimum Wage to $19.00 Per Hour!!

 It's a five year plan that's a bit of a surprise even to city council members, says ABC 7 News San Francisco.

The proposal comes from the city's labor commission. One councilwoman described the city's labor commission's report as being "unsolicited."

 But tonight, the city council will consider the labor commission's request to continue to increase the minimum wage to $19 by 2020. The commission explained the amount is higher than what other cities are proposing because it aims to help employees cover future medical costs, reports ABC.

As if businesses can magically raise wages above marginal revenue product. Perhaps they should look at what has already occurred in cities like Oakland and Seattle where the minimum wage has recently been raised.



  1. Enjoy when all the businesses move out when the laws of economics take over Berkley!

    1. Agreed. They should make it $50/hr or $100/hr. Since prosperity can be created by such fiat, go all the way. Nothing to do but cheer them on. Everyone living in Berkeley just wants moar anyway. Let them have the exact employment situation their minimum wage will result in.

  2. In order to have an ounce of gold valued at $30,000 probably the minimum wage should reach $30 per hour.
    Then, we would see the cheapest soda can selling at $5.

    Businesses may want a raise in the minimum wage in order to substantially increase the amount of money in circulation and as a protection against competition. No one likes competition.

  3. To give some context; I was only making 18/h w/ a BS in Chemistry From Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I never went to parties...the library was a secluded place.

  4. ...aims to help employees cover future medical costs... Didn't Obummer Care take care of medical costs?