Sunday, September 13, 2015

Evil Rahm May Impose $1 Tax on Uber Rides

Scott Beyer at Forbes reports:
Faced with colossal public pension debt, mayor Rahm Emanuel is overturning every rock in Chicago to find more revenue. If the mayor listens to a powerful alderman, this could include a $1 surcharge on every trip via Uber and other rideshare companies...

The idea, first proposed by alderman Edward Burke, who chairs the City Council Finance Committee, could raise millions annually for a city that is $63 billion in debt. The added fee may also apply to normal taxis. The surcharge would compliment other laws against ridesharing that the mayor advanced in May of 2014. These included caps on the “surge pricing” Uber uses during rush hour, a $1 million auto liability coverage requirement, and a prohibition against airport pickups, since that would cut into taxi companies’ profits....

“This regressive proposal,” said Uber Technologies spokesperson Brooke Anderson, “would not only eliminate jobs by instituting one of the highest rider taxes in the nation, but also make rides unaffordable for people who rely on them.”

1 comment:

  1. Price ceilings to limit supply.
    Price increases to fund government.

    Uber is charging too much when demand is higher, and government wants to come in and make Uber cost more at ALL times...... Logic does not follow.