Monday, September 14, 2015

Inside Donald Trump's Office

This is the first time I think I have seen a video clip of Trump's entire office.

At the roughly 1:53 mark there is something framed on the wall that is in a foreign scrip, does anyone know what it says?



  1. The "foreign script" is Hebrew.

  2. Best I can tell it means "tree of life". Looks like the same writing on this book:

    "Tree of life Bible"

  3. Appears to be Etz Hayim or Tree of Life in Hebrew.

    Here's a Wikipedia article:

    Here's a similar piece up close...

  4. Let's hope he reads the 2 books shown at 00:13
    Clinton Cash - how foreign govts made the Clintons rich
    Extortion - how politicians extract your money, buy votes and line their own pockets

  5. All of that clutter! How does he even think straight with all of that clutter around? That junk should all be in a garage somewhere, not in your office. That is disgusting.

  6. The scrip is etz hayim in Hebrew and means "Tree of Life."

  7. It's hebrew script, too bad I can't read it.

  8. I just thought about this post after seeing in the last GOP debate Trump claimed "I’ve received the Tree of Life Award and many of the greatest awards given by Israel." That's exactly what is hung up on his wall at the 1:53 mark: the Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award.

    Now, will that award coupled with bombast and wiliness give him enough cover to withstand the flak the neocons are throwing at him for proposing neutrality in Israeli-Palestinian affairs? I don't know but he has already slipped out of more career-ending "gaffes" (i.e. truth-telling moments) than any political figure I've ever seen.

    Another fun fact: that Wikipedia page also says Ben Carson has the same award.