Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My View on the Developing, Economy, Interest Rates etc. Versus the View of Peter Schiff

I devote today's EPJ Daily Alert to the differences between my view and that of PeterSchiff.

Here are unsolicited comments about today's Alert:
I read Schiff's comments the other day and came away very confused, your DA today was really great & timely, confirming my own personal goals/plans in this environment in both how I run my business(cash on hand) and investing- the dissection of Schiff's comments were excellent.

The DA is a great value-

I had a brief back and forth(still going a little) on the term "artificial interest rate" and it's use with Scott Sumner...he basically says there is no such thing and refuses to acknowledge the concept- which is really amazing and honestly made me lose quite a bit of respect for him.(I think he's too intelligent to honest believe that, I think he's being disingenuous, but I'm not certain)

It amazes me how many intelligent people refuse to acknowledge the role of money supply in distortions that end up busts, even if they create a boom first.

In the end, the intense study of money supply you provide is a fantastic tool- I never dreamed in a million years my movement to libertarian ideas would eventually help me in business like it has- specifically in relation to finding you.(but in other areas too)

I can see now why ---- consulted with you(consults?), you're really good at what you do. Keep up the good work.

I'm convinced that you are correct here Bob.  The key to understanding the position we are in is IOER and excess reserves (about 23TR).  IOER did not exist prior to 2008 which is probably why most miss its significance.  

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  1. Feel like I'm watching an episode of the Three Stooges. You clowns don't understand monetary policy.

    1. Great argument, you've convinced me.

  2. This bubble was built up over decades. We haven't had the correction.