Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paul Krugman: "Do Republican base voters care what Stephen Moore says? Do they even know who he is?"

I have to give this one to Krugie. He is terrible on economic policy but he does come through often when it is necessary to slash and burn some insane Republican elitist perspective :
 I’m on the other side of the world, talking Abenomics — but I can’t help noticing that Jeb Bush has now come out with the highly original proposal... big tax cuts. [RW note;They are phony cuts]A different kind of Republican! And he’s hoping to “jump-start his campaign” by winning the endorsement of … Stephen Moore, Larry Kudlow, and Steve Forbes.

This is getting surreal.

On substance, the supply-siders have covered themselves in, well, whatever is the opposite of glory since 2008...

But what really gets me is that Bush imagines that these are the endorsements he needs. Do Republican base voters care what Stephen Moore says? Do they even know who he is? Endorsements from the supply-siders may matter for big-money donations, but Jeb! already has plenty of those, and his hundred million is doing him no good at all.

Truly, this is pathetic.

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  1. There is zero probability of ever having a successful candidate run for President on true free market platform. Voters have been brain washed by the education process to believe that economic freedom means economic serfdom. The crony capitalist progressive government model is all people know and trust. Even if Jeb Bush was a true free market capitalist, he would be an idiot to put that out there as part of his platform. The same would apply to a true socialist. Instead, to get elected one must adopt a platform that appeals to the power elite. And BTW, simplifying the tax code or lower rates is not something they are interested in. Do you really think GE wants a low corporate tax rate or that a company like Tyco with the millions its spent to structure its operations to minimize taxes wants a simplified tax code? Do you think the extremely wealthy want lower tax rates when they already have a tax mitigation plan in place? And then you have all of the professionals, from economists like Krugman to tax accountants to lawyers and business consultants all prospering from the complex tax code we have in place. IMO, these Republicans would be better off not making the tax code a part of their platform and then acting on these things once in office.

    One last thing, I always find it amusing how the left likes to point out that "supply-side" economics are a failure when it was the complete failure of "demand-side" economics, which they are pushing again, that led us to the doorstep of "supply-side" economic policy.