Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shocking Video of Janet Yellen Just Before She Received Medical Attention

This was during a speech today at the University of Massachusetts, where Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen tried to walk-back the dovish FOMC statement of last Thursday.Many observers hought the dovish tone of that FOMC statement was a mistake and the US stock market has traded poorly since the release.

The pressure is getting to her.



  1. It must be very tough going in front of people knowing everything you tell them is a lie or deception. Some people, like Obama, seem to actually thrive on it. But for others it can take a great psychic and physical toll.

    1. Look at what it has done to Obama. It's like he's gone through one of those 'rapid aging' star trek episodes.

      Honesty might not pay big money but at least you keep your health and youth much better.

  2. You mean she is actually human?

  3. I'm sure stock market prices have nothing to do with Fed moves ;)

  4. Hmm could be Robert. She is elderly though.

  5. Mind-Kontrol episode, it looks like to me: they turned on the 'blank out' algo on her implant. Lots of videos of it having happened to newscasters. Bush, Jr. broke out into speaking in tongues during a Cabinet meeting, per Russ Baker's book on the Bushes. That, too, read like a Mind-Kontrol episode to me.

    'Do as we say, Janet, or we will make you a walking vegetable or babbling idiot.'