Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Boom Continues: Job Openings Soar

The boom-bust Fed created business cycle continues.

We remain in the boom phase.

Job openings in the U.S. surged to a record in July. The number of positions waiting to be filled jumped by 430,000, the biggest gain since April 2010, to 5.75 million, according to the Labor Department.

As I reported in the EPJ Daily Alert, we are in a very tricky phase right now, but there are major new trends developing that should make things much clearer at the start of the new year.



  1. *sighs* Well were getting close to the fourth quarter, so jobs, just over broke, will probably start opening up .. its not really surprising to see at this time of year.

  2. I'm thinking the market is going to (at least) test the 52 wk high before any prolonged bear market activity.

  3. 2.8 trillion in excess reserves tells you that the Fed is not creating this boom.